uec evercast® network:
Reliable performance is a requirement for today's demanding websites. The EVERCAST® network and Internet connectivity is designed for commercial business and operates on an industrial grade, national backbone. The EVERCAST® server network maintains a surplus of reserve power for reliability and performance. We have achieved a runtime in excess of 99.99% since early 1996 while operating at an average of less then 10% of peak capacity.

uec evercast® servers:
EVERCAST® uses a variety of internet web servers for managing the distribution of your company information on-line. Several distinct computers are dedicated to routing your domain name, company e-mail, website files and website statistics depending on your service account. All EVERCAST® server systems including your company files are backed up weekly and possibly more often depending on the service requested. For increased performance, security and reliability, general access to our network is limited to our commercial clients only.

network map